Frequently Asked Questions

Switch Language

e-advantage is a multi-language platform. Over time, all the content will be translated into Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish – as well as a default English.

You can switch languages by choosing your preference in the bottom right.

Please note:

  • if a page hasn’t been translated yet, it will display in the deafualt language – English.
  • Member content is not translated – profiles, comments, messages etc.
Update Profile

When you register your e-advantage account, a basic profile is completed. Taking 10 minutes to complete your full profile will help other members learn more about you. Here are the key steps you need to take:

#1:Edit Profile’ Mode
Open ‘Edit Profile’ on your profile page.

#2: Update Text
Update all the fields under ‘Details’ and ‘About’. Click save once complete. You can update text at any time.

#3: Update Images
Upload a photo of yourself and a cover image to personalise your profile.

Search Members

e-advantage is all about making new connections.

#1: View Members
You can view all members on the Members Page. You can filter them by country of origin.

#2: Languages Spoken
Some members can speak several languages, which means you can connect with them even if they are outside of your country. Use the side filter to search by languages spoken.

#3: Skill Share Search
You can also search members based on the skills they have to share.

Connect to a Member

There are three ways you can connect with a member. Interaction on e-advantage is unlimited – we encourage as much connection as possible.

#1: Follow
Following a member means you will receive notifications about their activity.

#2: Connect
Connecting means you are adding the member into your contacts.

#3: Message
You do not need to be connecting to a member to send them a message.

Message a Member

To send a private message to another member, visit their profile and select ‘message’.

Join a Group

Groups are opportunities to interact with like minded women on a specific topic. You can join as many groups as you like.

#1: Search for Groups by Language Spoken
You can browse all groups or filter groups by main language spoken.

#2: Alternative Filter
You can also filter by other criteria (i.e. ‘most members’).

#3: Join a Group
Click on ‘Join Group’ and you’ll automatically be added.

#4: Be Active in the Group
All our groups are safe spaces. Share something with the group and explore the other options.

Start a Group

If you do not find a group of interest, why not start your own.

#1: Create a New Group
On the Groups page, select the option ‘Create a New Group’.

#2: Add Details
You’ll be taken through all the stages in creating a group. Remember to select the main language spoken. Select ‘all’ if it is a multilingual group.

#3: Invite Members
Invite your contacts to join the group. Be active and start discussions.

Find a Mentor

As part of the e-advantage programme we are able to offer members the opportunity to be formally mentored for five hours, by a recently trained mentor.

Visit e-mentors to find out more.

Search Resources

The resources section has three different pages:

  1. The FAQs page with help on using the e-advantage.eu
  2. Library of selected articles relevant to women in enterprise
  3.  Inspiration Gallery – a place where everyone can upload and share articles, videos, podcasts etc that may be of interest to other members


e-Mentor Course

Information coming soon.

If you're struggling to use e-advantage.eu, you can request a call from one of our e-mentors.

Simply press the flag that represents your preferred language and add details of what you are finding difficult in the email. One of our e-mentors will be in touch to help you.