Gain so much more than you give by becoming a mentor who effects real, positive change in women’s lives.

e-advantage Peer Mentor Training Programme

There are eight training modules in English, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian and Spanish supported by tutor guides and other resources.


English Course


Czech Course


Romanian Course


Hungarian Course


Italian Course


Spanish Course

Why you’ll gain more than you give doing the e-advantage Peer Mentor Training Programme.

When you decide to mentor someone, you really have no way of knowing how far they’ll go. Whether you’ll shape the next great entrepreneur of our time or help someone achieve their dreams, you’ll make a difference – and that’s all that matters.


1. Mentoring gives you opportunities for self-reflection

As you work with your mentee, you will find yourself contemplating your own journey. This can be a powerful experience as you will undoubtedly find lessons in your own development which can, of course, be shared with your mentee.

2. Being a mentor becomes a sellable skill

Having mentoring experience is an attractive quality. It demonstrates good listening skills, an inquisitive mind and someone willing to empower others. Whether you’re looking for a new job or keen to impressive a potential client, talking about your mentoring skills will make a difference.

3. Build networks & become part of the mentoring community

Relationships are a key to success in business and your network is a powerful resource as it allows you to share information, insights and provide support. The mentoring community is growing as more and more leaders recognise its value.

4. Gain insights into other industries

There are be incredible learning opportunities when you mentor someone from outside your own industry and you will learn a lot about your mentee’s sector. It is very easy to fall into the trap of always looking at things through your own perspective and direct experience. Looking from someone else’s perspective can be empowering.

5. Mentoring brings business opportunities

It may be that your mentee brings opportunities to you, or you may simply spot the opportunity as a result of the relationship. Often opportunities present themselves as you share your insights along the mentoring journey.