e-Advantage has made a lasting impact on its peer mentors, mentees and supporting organisations.

Project Highlights

  • Peer Mentors

    Over 160 women trained as peer mentors, far exceeding our original target of 40. They are now using peer mentoring skills at work and in their personal lives. Many of their mentees used their mentoring to help them achieve goals they previously thought were unattainable (see case studies below).

  • Online Peer Mentor Training

    The e-Advantage platform will continues to provide access to e-learning that can be freely downloaded by independent learners or used by tutors with their accompanying guides and other resources.

  • Handbook

    We have created a Handbook for organisations and individuals who wish to create their own peer mentor training schemes.

  • Translations

    All materials and resources are available in English, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian and Spanish.

  • Organisations

    Project partner organisations are using e-Advantage peer mentoring e-training as part of their professional CPD. They have been central in creating regional women's peer mentoring networks (on and offline), and have established peer mentoring training aimed at other target groups.

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Photos from London Multiplier Event, December 2022

Partner Outcomes

Wandsworth Lifelong Learning has created a mixed gender mentoring programme and also one for older people preparing for retirement.


abn is now considering setting up an internal peer mentoring system for staff.

Educa is adapting the materials for its teacher training. E.g. taking peer mentor approach in feeding back on observations of learning.

to come

Spektrum has helped to establish the first regional women’s mentoring network in Transylvania Romania.

West Creative has helped a local business network develop a peer mentoring support programme for Creative Business owners in Waltham Forest, London.