e-advantage is all about creating a safe space for people to explore the world of peer to peer mentoring. Every connection, conversation and collaboration is an informal version peer to peer mentoring.

Would you like 1-2-1 e-Mentoring?

As part of the e-advantage programme we are able to offer members the opportunity to be formally mentored for five hours, by a recently trained mentor. All of the e-Mentors are like minded women who have completed our e-Mentoring Training programme. As part of their training, they are able to offer 5 hours of e-Mentoring per mentee. 

e-Mentoring Request Form

Request an e-mentor based on your preferred language spoken:


I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for the any mentoring/mentee activities I undertake and expressly disclaim any liability by the e-ADVANTAGE project partners for any causes of action or liability related to my participation in the project and/or any relationships or activities it generates, including, but not limited to improper use of data, information or other information transmitted or received.


Mentors and Mentees should contact their country specific partner if they have any specific complaints or concerns.

The project reserves the right to remove any Mentor or Mentee who does not exhibit the follow the project’s Code of Conduct for mentoring.


Please send any feedback to: info@e-advantage.eu

Interested in becoming an e-Mentor?

We still have places available for members to take part in the e-Mentor training programme. Alternatively, you can view the training programme at your leisure here>>. Please note that only women who have attended the training programme formally will be included as e-Mentors on this website.

To register on the e-Mentoring programme, please contact the training partner in your country below: